Paul Ryan Unveils Chillwave Band, “Steak Baby”

10/03/2012 12:05 PM |

Bad Lip Reading, who have been providing vital election coverage this year in spite of suspect comprehension skills, just released their newest video ahead of tonight’s pivotal presidential debate. In it, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan tells America about his awesome new band Steak Baby, which is only the best band he’s ever been in. (They might be called something else the next time they play Madison).

Though obviously a joke, it successfully spoofs the smugly braggy, slightly lunkheaded version of heartland aw-shucksiness that makes Ryan kind of unsettling. The “video diary” gimmick that the footage is taken from is an attempt to project the general air of a relatable, young-at-heart head-banger, just trying to make his big, drunk on Atlas Shrugged teenage bedroom dreams come true for all of his countrymen (except the parasites). It’s a lame attempt. That Nickelback poster on the wall was not photoshopped in. THAT IS PAUL RYAN’S NICKELBACK POSTER. He famously stated in his RNC acceptance speech that his iPod went from AC/DC to Zeppelin (which, lets not even get started on the alphabetization cheat there), but pointedly skipped over the more-damning N section, apparently.

Also, be honest, if you heard the closing 80s-pop version of Steak Baby’s lead single, “Quench Your Heartbeat”, on Stereogum or something, and it was presented as the debut of some new neighborhood buzz band, you would totally believe it. (It starts at 1:52 on the video.)