The Five Worst Newsweek Pieces—Of the Last Seven Months!

10/22/2012 11:30 AM |


“It is not an editorial problem,” Fareed Zakaria, a former editor of Newsweek International, told the Times last week, for an article about Newsweek‘s decision to abandon print and go all-digital. “It is a larger business problem.” I’d argue it’s both. I subscribed to the venerable newsweekly in March, curious about what new editor Tina Brown had done to revive the moribund property. My first issue was the talked-about Mad Men issue, with its retro ads and art design—which I liked! And I was impressed by the expose about aging Boeing jets. But my opinion of the magazine soon soured. Here’s five examples of why—and I won’t even mention the asparagus fellatio cover, Obama with a rainbow halo, or MUSLIM RAGE.