The Park Slope Co-Op Is Ravaged, The Gowanus Is Rising, And Other Morning Storm News

10/29/2012 9:25 AM |


  • Alex Shephard

The early stages of Hurricane Sandy have officially hit, and are thus far being marked as much by chaos as by quiet impatient waiting.

As all of you storm hoarders likely know by now, grocery stores were a mess yesterday, and the Park Slope Co-Op was particularly hard hit — Gothamist reports customers were forced to take a number and retire to a waiting room before even shopping.

Not everyone is deterred, though. Sources tell us at least one CSA — the Lineage Farm CSA in Greenpoint — is sending out “cheerful” messages that pick-ups will continue as planned today. Things as not as promising for the potential “toxic shitstorm” of the Gowanus (above), whose waters are already rising to dangerous levels.