What We Saw at the NY Art Book Fair

10/02/2012 10:15 AM |


This weekend, crowds scrambled together to look at all sorts of artists’ books by an international smattering of publishers. MoMA PS1 was the place, the NY Art Book Fair was the event. Small and independent publishers lined their booths glossy coffee table books, cheap zines, and a couple of the larger booths were dotted with smallish limited edition artworks the cost of a motor boat. There were many bright things at the NY Art Book Fair, but with hundreds of booths full of precious things to see, the event easily bordered on mayhem.

Of course, there is some joy to be found rifling through the pages of an unknown author, but really, this is the type of event that requires proper planning. For that reason, we’ve collected some of this year’s trends, highlights, and oddities so you can come back next year with some new knowledge, and maybe some new favorites. Here ya go.