Winners and Losers From CMJ Thursday

10/19/2012 1:21 PM |

Winner: Cedermark & Co.

  • Winner: Cedermark & Co.

Night number three of CMJ can be rough. Your back really starts to hurt. The blister on your foot suddenly becomes excruciating. The L and F trains seem to be taunting us with extra wait time. And then it has to rain? But we soldier on with the promise of unturned Next Big Things being around the corner, just past that one chillwave band you’ve already seen nine times and the one venue that smells like a mix of dentist office and musk. And with that, let’s take a look at last night’s winners and losers.

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  • The Virginmarys really surprised me. Got to speak with the band after their set and they were just as enthralled with CMJ as I was – always cool to experience their appreciation first hand! May be the reason behind their dropping of this free track!