Your Weekend Guide to Bushwick Art Shows

10/25/2012 1:53 PM |

Tournament of Values and Feminine Tears, production of Agape Enterprise. (Photo courtesy of Agape Enterprise).

  • Tournament of Values and Feminine Tears, production of Agape Enterprise. (Photo courtesy of Agape Enterprise).

If you’ve ever thought about taking the Bushwick gallery tour, this weekend is the time to do it. Bushwick’s currently offering some solid net art, a baby retrospective, a Dickchicken show, and a few exhibitions of underrepresented artists.

CLOSING SUNDAY: Mark Flood’s Bushwick Basement, Grimm Schultz Gallery

Remember that video we posted a few weeks ago of the Work of Art judges animated to look like bloodthirsty cannibalistic robots? That was part of Mark Flood’s Chelsea show “ARTSTAR” at Zach Feuer. As soon as the show closed, he moved the party over to “Bushwick Basement” in the newly-opened Grimm Schultz gallery (literally, a basement, charmingly, a shithole). As though his career had just imploded, he (or someone playing him) ended up drunk (or acting drunk) in a Batman suit at the opening singing “White Cube…I hate you and all your IDIOTS who checked the ‘arts’ box on career day!” Anyway, there are still some blacklight posters left over in there.
313 Linden St. Studio B. Gallery Hours are by appointment only. Open by reservation only, email

CLOSING SUNDAY: Selections From the Hoggard/Wagner Collection, English Kills

As I wrote last month on AFC, here’s a rare opportunity to see selections from the private collection of art world collectors and emerging artist watchdogs Barry Hoggard and James Wagner.
114 Forrest Street

NET ART: Collect the WWWorld, 319 Scholes

A net art show about the impact of image collecting is well overdue, and here’s your answer. The show corresponds with a Tumblr, which is, well, worth tumblin’. The show includes work by Ryan Trecartin, Brad Troemel, Eva and Franco Mattes, and more.
319 Scholes Street. Open through November 4th

PENIS ART: The Penis is Mightier Than the Sword, Low Brow Artique

By now, you’ve probably seen that graffiti chicken with a dick for a head and the Keith Haring baby with a dick-headed chicken for a head. That’s street artist Dickchicken, he likes to dick stuff, and he wants you at his show. I like this:

By inserting himself into Renaissance style religious portraits and glossy covers, Dickchicken’s comprehensive body of work inserts his tongue-in-cheek humor into the historical canon of art history.

143 Central Avenue. Through November 3rd.

BABY ART: Raising Baby X, Microscope Gallery

Sure, you got your laughs when you heard that Marni Kotak would be a delivering her baby in Microscope Gallery, but the one-year follow-up to “Birth of Baby X” might actually have something to it. The show names baby’s “Major Performances,” like “Placenta”, “First (Breast) Latch”, and “First Time in the Ocean” and each are given plaques. Maybe Kotak’s taking performance art careerism super-seriously; maybe she’s poking fun at it. It says a lot about how weird art careers are— or maybe how weird all careers are?
4 Charles Place, Through November 12th

PERFORMANCE ART: Friday Night: Support the Team

Come support one of Bushwick’s best performance art spaces AND get some work by great artists at Agape’s silent auction party! Minimum bids start at $150.00, so no mooches. Bring cash. This list heavily features artists who are deeply invested in the artist community or social issues: DJ Spooky, Martha Wilson, Rico Gatson, Judith Braun, Shana Moulton, and Chloe Bass are just a few.
7-9 PM, 56 Bogart Street

And while you’re in the building, several others at 56 Bogart are worth checking out. Here’s what’s up:

>Paintings by Scott Goodman (go— I’m biased) at et al projects
>Buddhist-inspired drawings by New Orleans artist Robert Lansden at Robert Henry
>Mary Carlson’s monster ceramics at Studio 10
>A new show of Juliette Losq’s beautifully atmospheric drawings at Theodore:Art
>Worm Carnevale’s 300 instant photos in “It’s NOT a FU#%INGPolaroid” at Fuchs
>Scott Lawrence’s post-minimal shirts and underpants at NURTUREArt closes Saturday
>Occupy Museums’ show “Occupy Your BFF” at Momenta Art closes Sunday.