Crossing Picket Lines, Foregoing Turkey: Early Black Friday Seems to be a Success

11/23/2012 11:05 AM |


Having never really understood the whole Black Friday deal, starting it during prime dinner time on Thanksgiving sounded to me like wild overreaching on the part of retailers. Shows what I know. Apparently, there is a giant swath of people who don’t care about turkey or making people who work retail show up for work during dinner, but do love shopping on Thursday.

At Toys R Us, the line of customers waiting for the 8 p.m. opening stretched several blocks along Times Square.

Erica Williams, 32, of Brooklyn, said, “I’m looking for an Xbox and an iPod. I’m saving about $200 on the Xbox, and with the iPod bundle, I’ll save about $100.

“I’m getting all my shopping done tonight, just tonight, no Black Friday, no Cyber Monday, none of that. I’m a pro at this.’’

And this year, she won’t have to resort to paying “a homeless person to sit in line for me.” [NY Post]

Despite a walkout planned by Walmart workers to protest low wages, bad benefits, and overall terrible treatment by their corporate overlords, Walmart says they’ve already had the best Black Friday ever.

A press release from Walmart reports that the retailer experienced the best Black Friday ever. Starting at 8 p.m., Walmart sold more than 1.8 million towels, 1.3 million televisions, 1.3 million dolls, and 250,000 bicycles. [CS Monitor]

So I guess early Black Friday is here to stay.