Photos: Cleaning Up Prospect Park

11/05/2012 9:00 AM |


Clearing out the hundreds of downed trees from Prospect Park is one of the many, many, many clean up jobs the city faced (and continues to face) post-Sandy. Making sure the park’s 530 acres are safe for visitors is no small task. Still, most of the park re-opened on Saturday.

Much of Prospect Park reopened Saturday morning, days after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the greenspace and destroyed more than 300 trees, knocked down nearly 1,000 large branches, and left more than 100 arbors with hanging limbs, park officials said.

It was the most destructive storm in the Prospect Park Alliance’s 25-year history, according to the organization.

“Alliance and Parks Department staffs have been working long hours to prepare the park for its reopening to the public,” said Prospect Park Alliance president Emily Lloyd. [Brooklyn Paper]

Though the clean up was far from finished, it was busy Saturday, filled with people happy to be back in what city councilperson Brad Lander called “Brooklyn’s beating heart.”

A park is a small thing, compared to the loss of life and total destruction many parts of the city faced this past week, and yet it was startling to see how many very old trees, that had weathered so many storms, were ripped up by this one.

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