Playlists to Soundtrack the Emotional Arc of Election Day

11/06/2012 1:02 PM |

Election Day Emotions

  • Election Day Emotions

Whether you’re a liberal, conservative or somewhere in the middle, Election Day is a wild ride of emotional highs and lows. To soundtrack the trip, we’ve put together a suite of playlists, each one fitted to a certain emotion you’ll likely be feeling at some point in the next 24 hours. (And we’re going to go ahead and assume you are rooting for an Obama victory or are otherwise wholly confused as to how you came upon Below, then, is a “choose your own adventure” of listening experiences. Select the path that best aligns with whatever Anderson Cooper and Co. are currently reporting:

If things seem to be going well for Obama, see page 2.
If things suddenly don’t seem to be going all that well for Obama, see page 3.
If it’s looking as though there will be no clear winner tonight, see page 4.

For an entirely different route, go here.