The Worst of Chris Brown on Twitter

11/26/2012 2:58 PM |


Nobody — with the notable exceptions of the angry, vocal group of teenagers who comprise “Team Breezy” and, uh, Rihanna — really expects good or even decent behavior out of Chris Brown at this point. And certainly not on Twitter, which, besides being a revolutionary tool for communication and dissemination of information, is also a quick, easy place for people to publish ludicrous verbal excrement. Which is mostly what Chris Brown uses it for.

All of which is to say it wasn’t exactly surprising to hear that, over the weekend, after being (somewhat stupidly) provoked by comedian Jenny Johnson, Brown flew off the handle, told her to take her teeth out when sucking his dick and that his mom had instructed him to shart in her retina, then deleted his account.

One thing to think about here is that these are the words of a person who already has more money, acclaim, and influence than most of us will ever have in our whole lives, but another is that Brown has always been a fucking abomination on Twitter, and it’s actually pretty impressive and bizarre that anyone lets him use it to begin with. Obviously, to cope, we compiled his worst outbursts to date.