Tumblr Loves Barack Obama

11/07/2012 2:41 PM |


New York has seen its fair share of misery over the past week, and now, with a Nor’easter on its way, we have word that the Rockaways are about to be evacuated a second time. But, there is a glimmer of hope! Obama won this year’s election and promptly took over Tumblr—and this morning, the G train started running again.

In celebration of our president’s continuation as president, we’ve scoured Tumblr for some of the best election day bytes. We’ve got GIFs, videos, and photos like Romney as a sad little kitten. “Smug Obama” loved that one.

Dancing Obama

Sad Romney as a Kitten in Mittens

Prince Obama

2 Chainz Obama (Not new, but trending!)

Smug Obama (Not new, but trending!)

NOPE Romney

Zoolander Obama

Unicorn-riding Obama

British Obama

Singing Romney

Crying Romney Supporters