What Could’ve Been: A Look at Romney’s President-Elect Website

11/08/2012 1:48 PM |


For a moment, Mitt Romney was the President-elect of the United States of America, at least on the Internet. It was a monumental one for Donald Trump, whose ego literally swelled into an actual life form and ate a human child while his wife’s form-fitting cocktail dress melted into a Civil War-era hooped skirt, all in the short amount of time that Romney’s transitional website went live, which, oops, actually happened.

Before being quickly wiped away forever, Taegan Goddard of Political Wire sprung into action with ninja screen-shooting skills, today posting evidence of an alterna-world where the country aims to be “smaller, simpler, smarter,” there are constant reminders of the “success we were able to enjoy at the Winter Olympic Games,” and the Presidential Inaugural Address is swapped from January 20 to January 21, just like Eisenhower and Reagan’s.

Scroll through some more screen grabs here. It looks like Tagg spent a lot of time on the color scheme.

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