Fifty Shades of Grey Still a Thing, Creating Surge of Holiday Sex Toy Gifts

12/12/2012 11:35 AM |


If you thought people were blessedly finished talking and thinking about Fifty Shades of Grey, welp, too bad for you, because this thing is still sticking around. Apparently the sex toy sector is projected to exceed 15% growth this year, driven by couples’ desires to pretend they are horribly-written characters inhabiting Twilight fanfic. No, I’m sorry, so grouchy. I’m glad straight people are finally branching out. Sex is awesome and people should enjoy it. I guess it’s just sentences like this that are tough to handle:

Just as “Sex and the City” made the Rabbit vibrator an acceptable household appliance for single women more than a decade ago, the erotic novels’ popularity has made restraints and so-called love balls acceptable stocking stuffers this year. [Bloomberg]

The dark trinity of Sex and the City references, “so-called love balls,” and “stocking stuffer”…I just…I don’t know. Trying to stay sex-positive this season, you know?