Happy Repeal! Five Seasonal Cocktails to Drink in Celebration

12/05/2012 12:36 PM |


79 years ago today, the dark times of Prohibition were ended, and liquor flowed freely again in these United States. Why not have a little cocktail tonight to celebrate? Freedom! USA! Etc.! Even in this unseasonably warm weather, a nice winterish cocktail could be just the thing.

1. The Great Pumpkin at Clover Club
Fall spice-infused apple brandy, aged rum, Oloroso sherry, maple syrup , egg white, pumpkin puree. Yum, apple brandy. Don’t sleep on apple brandy. It’s like whiskey’s awesome cousin.


  • TONY

2. Whizz Bang at Weatherup
Scotch, Dry Vermouth, House Made Grenadine, Orange Bitters & Absinthe Rinse. Bitter, strong, and aromatic. The sort of thing the government was trying to keep from you, the bastards.


3. Anything at the Shanty’s repeal day Sandy benefit
If you are a high roller and have $125 to spare, go celebrate at the Shanty. They’ve got hot drinks made with their own liquors, a barrel of rye to give away, and all kinds of other stuff. 100% of ticket sales go to Sandy relief.


  • Eater

4. Hot Buttered Rum at Hot Bird
No, Hot Bird isn’t a cocktail bar, and no, it’s not painstakingly made the old fashioned way. But there’s something wonderful and delicious about Hot Bird’s version of hot buttered rum. It’s sort of like Swiss Miss for grownups.


5. Penicillin at Dram Bar
The Penicillin is one of my very most favorite modern classic cocktails. Gingery, scotchy, smoky, wintery, perfect.