Last Minute GIFs

12/25/2012 9:00 AM |

To: Travess Smalley, From: Haruko Hirukawa

  • To: Travess Smalley, From: Haruko Hirukawa

It’s Christmas Day, and we here at the L have an extra special present for you today. GIFs! They’re part of GIF Wrapping, a meticulous Secret Santa project initiated by the folks over at, the web’s only online directory and exhibition listing hub for Internet-related exhibitions. This project, which includes over forty artists (Anthony Antonellis, Rollin Leonard, and Lorna Mills amongst them) tasked artists with the job of making festive GIFs for each other. It’s a personal project, but it’s a public one, too. On the site, GIFs are listed by the name of the gifter and the giftee, and in a nice added touch, the GIFs are shown bobbing around in unwrapped cardboard boxes.


There’s an impressive, meticulous attention to detail in many of these GIFs: a focus on every pixel through color and composition. We really like Haroku Hirukawa’s rotating frog, Bea Fremderman’s looping TV snow, and Georges Jacotey’s flickering, Monet-like landscape. What’s most impressive, is that very few of the GIFs in this Secret Santa exhibition look alike. That’s a rarity in a time when roaming galleries and art fairs means looking at the same tired tropes over and over again. GIF Wrapping is a breath of fresh air, and this Christmas Day, we’re thankful for that.