The Year in Hipster Trend Pieces

12/17/2012 5:00 AM |


Oh, the hipster. Who are you? What are you? Sure, there are not ever real answers to these kinds of questions, but regardless, each year a few people publicly declare the hipster to be dead, or that we’re going to at least stop talking about them so much, or that some particularly grave world event has ended irony altogether. This has yet to happen. Instead, a lot of publications whose time and efforts would be spent more productively (and less embarrassingly) elsewhere continue trying to pinpoint what exactly makes the hipster tick, or what hip new things the hipsters are… hipping.

2012 was not an exception. Whether it was the Times trying to wrap their heads around “man buns” or Forbes attempting to rank neighborhoods by hipsterdom, cringeworthy “what the youths are up to” coverage was everywhere. Let’s reminisce.

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