Would Modern Day Seinfeld Take Place in Brooklyn?

12/10/2012 4:26 PM |


Today’s preferred novelty Twitter feed comes to us courtesy of @SeinfeldToday, which proposes Seinfeld episodes as they might happen today, here, in the 21st century. It’s funny and spot-on and everything a novelty Twitter feed is supposed to be. It also, however, raises an important point of useless cultural speculation, other than how old it makes you feel that a popular show from the 90’s requires a “Modern Day” update: if Seinfeld were to be made today, would its characters still live on the Upper West Side like a bunch of parents, or would they live… in Brooklyn? Let’s examine the evidence.

First, it seems pretty established that of all the gang, Elaine does not live in Brooklyn:

OK, so that’s kind of a blow to the theory. But you know what? It’s not like the entire crew has to live in the same neighborhood. A lot of hilarious dramatic tension can be born from that! Think of how well it worked for Sex and the City. What a great cultural moment that was. Unfortunately, this isn’t just confined to Elaine.

Huh. Maybe because Kramer has taken up residence in East New York? Or better yet, Brighton Beach? Or something? This is sort of disheartening. How am I supposed to feel good about my lifestyle choices if a bunch of popular-but-dysfunctional fictional characters who have been off the air for over a decade don’t co-sign on them? Ugh, what a Monday this has turned out to be. Well, I suppose this is still “amusing” and “strictly hypothetical,” anyway. And maybe there’s hope for this nascent TV theory of mine?

Yes, I’d say we could sway them yet.

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