Everyone in Brooklyn is Obligated to Watch The Warriors Today

01/08/2013 10:57 AM |


Sadly, Gothamist reports this morning that Sol Yurick, author of the 1965 book that served as the basis for The Warriors, passed away this week from complications with lung cancer. He was 88.

This is a sad loss for New York’s cultural community, of course, but also, I think, a prime opportunity re-visit the fruits of what was apparently extensive, on-the-ground research on Yurick’s part. The original book can be found on Google books, the movie was conveniently added to Netflix’s “watch instant” roster earlier this week, and if you really can’t drop everything in the middle of your work day to check out both or make an on-foot pilgrimage all the way from the Bronx to Coney Island (really? can’t you? are you that busy?), well, we can always pay tribute through song.

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