Kitty Pryde is Just Called Kitty Now, Announces “Daisy Rage” EP, Shares New Song

01/09/2013 1:45 PM |


So, yeah, the recent NYC transplant has, for reasons that have not yet been made clear, officially dropped the Pryde portion of her name and is now known simply as Kitty. Which actually seems kind of dumb, right? Regardless, we also learn today that she has a new EP called “Daisy Rage” that, according to the press release, features, “fierce double-time, instrumentals from her recent beau Hot Sugar, Greedhead affiliate Mike Finito, Grantbeats, and more, as well as arguably the best verse of Das Racist-affiliate Lakutis’ career.” It’s out on January 31st, but in the meantime, enjoy “Dead Island,” which may or may not be on the EP, but I’m assuming probably is?

She’s reached a point in her artistic development where she’s started using the word “bitch” a lot and also bragging about how much dudes love her, so that’s super promising, you know?

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