Lena Dunham Has a New TV Show That is Not About Lena Dunham

01/31/2013 3:00 PM |


Well, geez, that was pretty fast. HBO has already put Lena Dunham at the helm of another series, which she’ll be writing along with Girls co-executive producer Jenni Konner. And yes, it actually is about shopping.

Specifically, it will be based on All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go, the upcoming memoir of 85-year-old Betty Halbreich, the head of personal shopping at Bergdorf Goodman since 1976. Deadline elaborates:

“She has been the dresser and confidante of three generations of Manhattan socialites and stars including Joan Rivers, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Couric and Glenn Close. Additionally, she works with top Manhattan stylists and has consulted for movies and TV shows, including helping design the signature look for HBO’s Sex And The City and capture the New York style of the early Woody Allen films. Halbreich is known as much for her unparalleled eye for fashion as she is about her unpretentious attitude and tart one-liners. The brassy Chicago native’s manner has been described as “part Angela Lansbury and part Lucille Ball.”

“Brassy,” eh? A plot stemming from the rarefied world of extremey wealthy, connected Manhattan women, hmm? Does sort of seem to fall within the Lena Dunham purview, and not necessarily in a way that sounds super promising. That said, I think it could actually be interesting to see what Dunham comes up with for a project that is in no way semi-autobiographical, and anyway, Halbreich herself does seem like an interesting lady. Details forthcoming, but expect to hear far, far more about this, for months and years to come, whether you want to or not.

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