Picking Sides: Michael J. Fox versus Taylor Swift

01/17/2013 3:45 PM |

Total bitchface

  • Total bitchface

I don’t know how many of you watched the Golden Globes this past Sunday, but one of the highlights—besides Jodie Foster’s insane, disjointed speech—was definitely when host Tina Fey made a joke about Taylor Swift staying away from Michael J. Fox’s doppelgänger son, Sam. It was hilarious because Taylor Swift is the worst. Sorry, Lena Dunham, but she just is.

As amazing as that moment was, even better is Michael J. Fox’s reaction to it. Vulture caught up with Fox at a party and asked him whether or not he would be in favor of his son dating Swift. “No. No… I don’t keep up with it all,” he said. “But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career.” But what, Vulture asked, would Fox do if Sam just brought Taylor Swift home with him? ” Well, Fox says, “‘I wouldn’t even know who she was.’ But it’d probably dawn on him after the breakup song hit the radio. ‘Yeah, exactly,’ he said. ”Sam, You Piece of Shit.‘ Oh … that was the girl you brought home!'”

So, in summary, Michael J. Fox is completely amazing and Taylor Swift has been having a bad week. First, she couldn’t hide her bitch-face when she lost the Golden Globe to Adele and now she is hated by the most lovable man ever to play a Young Republican. I almost feel sorry for her. But not really. Team Alex P. Keaton forever.

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  • She had this coming. She has pretended to be an innocent victim for years, thanks to Kanye’s antics, but to be honest…she herself is a bully. She sells out personal details of her relationships in her songs to make money off them. Really, what a way to build a career. I’d have more respect for her if she didn’t come off looking like she’s dating all these boys just to get more material. And if she was more subtle and didn’t make the digs at her ex-boyfriends so obvious. And if she could write mature lyrics like Adele, not the juvenile crap she writes. And if she could actually sing. I’m just glad she’s getting exposed for who she really is. Sick of her pretending to be this sweet, innocent girl when she’s been through more men than Kim K for the past 4 years.