Sex, Love and Brooklyn: On the Perils of Chat Sex

01/17/2013 12:53 PM |


In the New Yorker article “Looking For Someone” Nick Paumgarten came up with an analogy for what kind of person each dating site would be at a mixer. He almost got it right. is nursing his Corona light (it’s gluten free), while picking sunflower seeds out of his teeth and trying to guess your sign. E-Harmony‘s sitting in the corner with a cranberry soda, buttoning up her Brooks Brothers’ cardigan and giving advice. And, OkCupid, the devil with a prohibition-style mustache, is watching you down your second whisky while plotting to finger blast you in the back of a cab later. Nobody wins. I don’t care how many success stories I hear. My own experience says get out of this bar and go down the street to play apples to apples with your friends.

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  • It’s not exactly how I remember it and I’m definitely circumcised. It was only a matter of time that end up in the auspicious pages of L Magazine.

  • This needs to be a tv show. Hire this woman now.

  • “But, after everything’s deflated, you’re left with a lot of feelings.”
    It’s true. Best sex ever. Broken heart. Lots of lies. I’m worthless now.