The New York Post is Still Pretty Upset About Milli Vanilli

01/16/2013 12:05 PM |


Well, to be fair, who doesn’t still feel cheated by Milli Vanilli? Oh, no one at all? Says you. Per a seemingly irrelevant and useless new poll of New York Post readers to determine the top 10 “Biggest Liars in History,” some people out there a still pretty T.O.’d about the whole thing, and ranked the Vanilli boys at number 9. Lance Armstrong — the reason this poll exists in the first place — clocked in at number 3. Richard Nixon, Bernie Madoff and Pinocchio made the cut as well.

The full list is below, so you can judge for yourself. Are all these players in relatively recent scandals (or works of fiction) worse than a pre-Trail of Tears Andrew Jackson? Certainly. More egregiously dishonest than Brutus himself? Of course. More dangerously misleading than the promise of a robust, fairly structured job market and the economic viability of going deeply into debt for an education? Stop asking questions. Judgment has, irrevocably, been handed down. Get mad at Pinocchio, and stay mad.


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