Bushwick “Gentrification Comedy” East Willy-B is the Anti-Girls

02/15/2013 11:49 AM |


You know, not to compare everything to Girls, but here, it actually does seem kind of apt. East Willy-B, a Kickstarter-funded web series premiering its second season on March 20th, does, after all, revolve around a group of young people who live in Brooklyn, are actually from Brooklyn, are not exclusively white, and are actively pretty concerned about social forces outside of themselves.

Or, per a description in one of their Kickstarter videos, it’s “a Latino-based hipster invasion gentrification comedy.” Which, you know, is a mouthful, but it also makes sense.

“We thought about Spanish Harlem or Sunset Park, but Bushwick is so perfect because it’s right by Williamsburg and it’s going through a huge process of change…and we wanted to play on the fact that people call it ‘East Williamsburg,'” explained Yamin Segal, one of the show’s creators.

The series follows Bushwick native Willy as he fights to keep his neighborhood bar open (and also find love), and the new season features a literal “anti-hipster” patroller who “interrogates people about where they’re from and documents it.”

Which would actually be really terrible were it real and not, say, a fictional caricature, but anyway. For those of you clamoring for something more “real” than Lena Dunham’s (and most of TV’s) highly specific worldview — or just interested in a different perspective on a highly publicized trend — it seems like this may be the definitive answer.

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