French Songwriter Soko Releases Spike Jonze-Filmed iPhone Video

02/01/2013 10:00 AM |


Soko (real name: Stéphanie Sokolinski) is a French singer and actress who was born in Bordeaux and has recently jumped continents to claim Los Angeles as her home. The self-proclaimed weirdo just released her digital album, I Thought I Was An Alien, in North America. After taking a momentary break from playing music in the beginning of 2009—and citing the evils of the music industry as her reason—Soko claimed to be reborn by August of the same year and soon got back to playing live shows and writing new songs.

While she’s supported artists like M.I.A. on tour, had her music sampled by Cee Lo Green on his “Stray Bullets” mixtape, and generally been on the scene for about 5 years now, Alien is her first proper full-length (it was released in Europe in February 2012).

Soko directed and Spike Jonze filmed a video for the album’s title-track and first single in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The whole video was shot on an IPhone 8mm app. The resulting alien love story looks like a daydream filled with color-tinted shots, charming fireworks, and, oh yeah, alien sex. Watch below.