Girls Recap: I Just Want to Feel It All

02/11/2013 9:45 AM |


Was this episode a dream? Was it Hannah’s dream? Was it my dream? Probably not, no. It was probably not my dream. Or anyone else’s dream. But it was a surreal half-hour, full of elements that contributed to the dreamscape atmosphere. It was definitely a departure from the last episode, which was, in effect, a recalibration of all the characters in the series. This episode—”Another Man’s Trash”—left all the story lines from last week hanging in the ether and just focused on Hannah. There was a brief set-up, with Patrick Wilson’s character getting into a fight with Ray at Grumpy, over all the coffee shop trash that wound up in his garbage cans. And we got to see Ray both perform and explain “corporal percussion” which was nice. We were also introduced to the concept of the “sexit” which is a word that Hannah most definitely did not invent and which no one should ever, ever use. We last see Ray as he mutters under his breath at the Grumpy customers to “Keep watching panda videos before I turn off your WiFi.” And then we’re gone. Into a strange world of ping-pong and Bonne Maman jam and steam showers. Girls.

After Patrick Wilson (we don’t know his character’s name yet, so I will call him Patrick Wilson) storms out of Grumpy, Hannah goes after him, tracking him down to his apartment. Even though he just saw her—moments ago at Grumpy—he sees her on his stoop and asks, “Do I know you?”

You can tell that Hannah thinks he should have remembered her from (literally) moments before, but he doesn’t. Which, makes sense, actually. I don’t think he would have noticed her at all. And that is not a slam on Lena Dunham’s appearance and, for the record, I do not think it’s unrealistic that Patrick Wilson’s character would sleep with her, but it is an acknowledgement that Hannah does not always cut the most striking figure, and Patrick Wilson probably wouldn’t have known it was her, even from moments before.

Anyway. She is standing on the stoop and trying to explain something to him, but doing it poorly, and he asks her to come inside. She is quite deflective and cute about it, saying, ” I don’t know. I could really be putting myself in a Ted Bundy situation. I mean, he also looked handsome and clean and…probably had a brownstone.” And with that rationalization Hannah goes inside. Because nobody with the money to have a brownstone could possibly be all that bad. (How quickly we have forgotten Thomas John!)

Hannah follows Patrick Wilson through the very nice house into his very nice kitchen where he pours her a very nice glass of lemonade, which is such a grow-up beverage to have on hand and Hannah explains to this very nice man that she was the one who dumped Grumpy trash in his cans. She tells him, “I put trash places where it shouldn’t legally go, it’s kind of like my vice.” There’s more to the explanation than that but it’s not all that interesting and is it even true? It’s so strange. It’s a strange vice to have.

But so now that Hannah has explained the situation, she almost leaves that very nice brownstone altogether. But something happens. Hannah kind of swallows a lemonade burp and then just spontaneously kisses Patrick Wilson right on his very nice mouth in his very nice kitchen that looks like it’s “out of a Nancy Meyer movie.” Patrick Wilson looks confused and Hannah apologizes. But then he kisses her back and fucks her right there in the very nice kitchen that’s right out of a movie.

And so we find out some things. He’s 42. She’s 24, so, Hannah points out, “they’re basically twins.” They exchange names then. Hannah is coy and wants him to guess her name and it’s an interesting thing really because she is very charming here and seems very young. She is wearing shorteralls again, like a little girl. He guesses that her name is Daisy, which, also, is a very little girl name. His name is Joshua, not Josh. Definitely not Josh. And we find out that Joshua is separated from his wife. She now lives in San Diego. We also find out, as Hannah stands in the middle of this very nice brownstone, putting her clothes back on, that Hannah’s not wearing shorteralls but is wearing a matching shirt and shorts. Oh, wait, no, actually they are shorteralls. They are midriff-baring shorteralls with birds on them.

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