Here Comes a Missed Connections Valentine’s Day Party

02/08/2013 12:52 PM |

Jeff Wall, Picture for Women, 1979.

  • Jeff Wall, “Picture for Women,” 1979.

Brooklyn’s New York Transit Museum is throwing a Missed Connections-themed Valentine’s Day party. It looks to be festive, with cocktails, poetry, and art, all set in the turn-of-the-century elegance of Grand Central Terminal. The Transit Museum’s the perfect place to host a party for Missed Connections, as most of these moments past take place on the subway. Aw, all that sounds nice, but we think it’s a little too nice. Sure, there might be a few couples there to regale partygoers with tales of romance on the tubes, but for the most part, we assume the event will be full of lonely types; and we hope the party won’t ignore that, the true spirit of Missed Connections.

That true spirit’s found a soft spot in the heart of many critics. We’ve written plenty of posts dedicated to missed connections at museums, galleries, and art fairs. Maybe it’s because we see ourselves in these posts. After all, we’re some of the least visible art worlders ourselves, and sometimes we’re more comfortable making our opinions heard online than in real life. It’s no wonder then, that we’re interested in a museum party dedicated to Missed Connections.

Of course, we don’t exactly know what the party will look like, but it will include a poetry reading by The New York Times’ Metro writer Alan Feuer. He’ll bring words of wisdom to the crowds in the form of couplets, dactyls, and rhyme with Craigslist-inspired poetry. From time-to-time, he re-publishes posts he’s found in Missed Connections, but adds stanzas and line breaks of his own. Here’s an excerp from “Tall, Glasses-Wearing Man Who Sat by Me on the Train”, a poem Feuer composed right around the time of Hurricane Sandy:

I was on my way to stock up
for the hurricane,
so I didn’t look
particularly enticing.
I think you got off at 79th,
but I’m not sure
since I didn’t want
to be weird and stare at you,
even though I’m weird enough
to write you a missed connection.

We’re all “weird enough,” dear w4m, and for that, we are grateful.