In Bushwick, A New Film Series

02/06/2013 10:30 AM |

The crowd at a recent reading in BFPs gallery

  • Sarah Lerner
  • The crowd at a recent reading in BFP’s gallery

The new, biweekly Hammer to Nail Screening Series at Brooklyn Fire Proof East will feature American indies (with an emphasis on Brooklyn-based filmmakers) direct from the festival circuit—movies you might have missed, or that are coming out soon, or that you’ll likely not have another chance to see. Features will be screened along with winners from Hammer to Nail’s short-film contest. It kicks off February 10 with Nathan Silver’s Exit Elena. We spoke to Brandon Harris, a Filmmaker magazine editor and Hammer to Nail contributor (and sometime L Mag contributor) who’s curating the series, about the state of films on the festival circuit and the film scene in Brooklyn right now.

What inspired you to start up this series?
Well, Hammer to Nail is always looking for ways to get the films we like in front of audiences who may not know about them. We previously put together a screening series in 2009 with our friends at the Chinatown videostore Cinema Nolita, where we had a number of awesome screenings and guests, but that series died after the store went out of business following some frantic efforts to keep it afloat. But it’s something we’ve always liked to do, and when I was approached by the people at Brooklyn Fire Proof it just seemed to make sense to give it another go. There are just no shortage of fascinating American indies, many of which don’t have significant New York platforms beyond the burgeoning micro cinemas. And last year we started a short film contest on our site, so it seemed like a way to showcase some work we’d already been championing as well.

How much indie festival-stuff worth seeing ends up going unseen outside of festivals?
I’d would imagine its a damn near a majority. Certainly their is no shortage of theatrically released content—800 theatrical releases in New York City last year alone. Still, that’s only a fraction of the movies that are making the rounds on the festival circuit at any given time. Now, while many of those are not so good—both films that are released and films that aren’t—plenty go overlooked, and there just isn’t a distribution apparatus in place to support all those. Even if audiences know where to find them, they aren’t necessarily going to know what to see, as there are just so many options, so we wanted to provide a platform to showcase some stuff that you may have missed, or that hasn’t come out yet but you’ll be able to see soon, but we have a special place in our heart for the wild visions, the unreleasable films, ones that won’t ever come out. You’ll be able to see a few of those in this series as well.

How many festivals do you go to every year?
About 15 or so. I probably cover seven or eight every year where I see a tremendous amount of work, the usual suspects if you will, but I usually end up at a whole host of emerging, regional and niche fests each year as well.