Lord of the Rings Animator Takes to Kickstarter with Coney Island Movie

02/07/2013 10:50 AM |

Ralph Bakshis Last Days of Coney Island

Ralph Bakshi, the director of the Lord of the Rings cartoon from the 70s as well Fritz the Cat, Cool World and other classics, has long planned a movie called Last Days of Coney Island, set in the amusement district and populated by its colorful locals; still frames have been on the web for years. The Brownsville native has never been able to secure support for it, though, until, perhaps, now: he’s taken to Kickstarter, where he hopes to raise $165,000. He’s already about a fifth of the way there.

He describes the movie thusly:

[It’s] a series of films I always wanted to do. Films about us: who we are, what we are—even if it hurts. It’s a series of shorts that try to push the boundaries of 2D animation. Last Days is about us: it’s about hairdressers, factory workers, rock n’ roll, the grassy knoll, Mafia and Dick Tracy, Charlie Parker, Iraq and Miss America. It’s the future—with peace rioting. It’s tomorrow—with Jimi Hendrix and Bobby Dylan…

It all takes place in Coney Island: its strange alleys, its strange rides, in a strange landscape of twisted iron and leering faces. Strange…

Help me do something for animation that isn’t driven by making you happy and stupid.

The campaign ends on March 3.

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