[SPONSORED VIDEO] What Happens When Pine Sol Teams Up with Youtube Prankster Ed Bassmaster?

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02/11/2013 10:38 AM |


[THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY PINE SOL] What happens when Pine-Sol teams up with legendary Youtube prankster Ed Bassmaster? You’re about to find out. This time, he’s donned a wig and sunglasses and disguised himself as an imaginary foodie named Emilio. He’s invited a few of his buddies to get on board the Pine Sol Ship and throw a couple of steaks on the stove. His first unsuspecting victim? Meet Tyler. But before he and Tyler can start cooking, things get a little messy. Emilio makes a mess of the counters and the floors before they’ve even lit the burners. And trust us; in quarters that close, cleanliness is key to a good meal plus a fast and easy clean up. It’s a good thing Pine Sol was in on the joke; Pine-Sol cuts through the nastiest messes your kitchen can conjure. Whether it’s maple syrup, bacon grease, nacho cheese or barbecue sauce, there’s nothing that Pine Sol can’t clean up. If you don’t believe us, hit play on the video after the jump and watch the toughest food spills disappear instantly with the help of a little Pine Sol.

And make sure you watch all the way to the end because this time, Ed isn’t working alone. He’s brought an accomplice aboard the Pancake Ship. While we don’t want to give away the ending, let’s just leave it at this: you’ve definitely seen her before, you’ll definitely recognize her, but probably not like this. You’ll find the video after the jump. Enjoy!