Your Weekend at the Movies with Old Guys

02/01/2013 3:00 PM |

The most influential movie of the last 25 years

  • The most influential movie of the last 25 years

Bullet to the Head: You know how Marvel put out individual movies starring Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Thor before uniting them in The Avengers? It seems like the Expendables franchise is doing that in reverse: first, Sylvester Stallone made two Expendables movies. Then, Arnold Schwarzenegger blazed the comeback trail for solo vehicle The Last Stand and another Jason Statham movie came out (to be fair, Statham movies come out approximately once quarterly); now Stallone goes solo for Bullet to the Head, and Bruce Willis will be back toting a machine gun in a fifth Die Hard movie a couple of weeks later. Then, this fall, Schwarzenegger and Stallone team up without Willis, Statham, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, or even Steven Seagal for The Tomb. It’s either all leading up to Expendables 3, or all leading further away, and back toward the days where none of these people were actually movies stars anymore—to 2006 or so, in other words. Stallone’s solo outing Bullet to the Head is directed by Walter Hill, one of those guys who gets infinite cred among certain segments of movie geeks for having once been a very successful action director (see: McTiernan, John). Teaming him up with Stallone makes sense; I just wish the old guy/old guy pairing happened on something that doesn’t look like it could’ve been a straight to video release anytime during Stallone’s most recent fallow period. As long as we’re still making Die Hard movies, why not give one to Hill?