2 Amazing Things, and 5 Troublesome Things About This Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars Movie

03/15/2013 12:17 PM |


Weirdly, the biggest entertainment news of the moment is that Veronica Mars, a cult-beloved but long cancelled teen detective show, has been resurrected on the strength of fan base devotion and is now destined for a major motion picture, which will shoot this summer and be released in early 2014. Show creator Rob Thomas (not the terrible Matchbox 20/Santana song Rob Thomas, it should always be noted) put up a Kickstarter funding page a couple days ago, hoping to gain the movie-modest sum of $2 million dollars. At this point, 2 days in to a 30-day project window, they’ve got 50,000 backers and $3.3 million dollars. Holy shit! Despite throwing money at all sorts of things, Kickstarter, the website founded in 2009 to provide crowd-sourced funding, has never funded a project on this scale before, and as a magic cash sponge for other seemingly marginal projects, it’s obviously drawing a lot of attention.

But is this a brand new day in film financing that has the potential to change how Hollywood works? Probably not! But it’s still cool! Except when it’s really troubling! A breakdown…