5 Rock Solid Predictions For Brooklyn’s VMAs

03/26/2013 11:07 AM |


  • MTV Instagram

So, it’s officially happening. We’ve arrived. The VMA’s are coming to Brooklyn. And not just any VMA’s! This summer’s ceremony at the Barclays Center will mark the 30th anniversary of the Most Important Awards Show of Our Time. For Brooklyn, MTV, and the growing list of things that make you feel just a little bit weird and old, this is a milestone.

But how’s it gonna go down, you ask? Well, it’s tough to say. But based on a statement from the Barclays Center CEO that “Brooklyn has become an international brand and is the perfect setting for these moments,” there’ll definitely be a running Brooklyn theme to the whole thing. This could play out in a lot of different ways, sure, but as of now, there are exactly 5 things we know to be true.

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