6 Ways Not To Be A Dick To Your Cab Driver

03/08/2013 2:45 PM |


Not just because it could end super badly. It’s really because driving a cab is a rough gig with an often-narrow profit margin, and, think about it. If you’re taking a cab, it can mean a lot of things: that you’re lazy, running late, carrying too much crap to take on the train, carrying too many substances in your body to take it on the train, trying to get someone home faster in order to initiate sex, trying to get yourself home faster in order to initiate sleep. Whatever the case may be, your life is in your cab driver’s hands, however briefly.

Which is why Gothamist’s report this week that even though they’re not technically tipping less, New Yorkers haven’t adjusted their tipping to match recently raised cab fares, is a bummer. Are we really so callous? So unfeeling? So penny wise and pound foolish? I would hope not, but in the interest of good will and the nice people who take you home when you’re too drunk to do it yourself, here are a few concrete, practical ways to show your appreciation.