If Your Friends Write Your OKCupid Profile, You Will Die Alone

03/18/2013 4:21 PM |


  • Cupid With Friends

Well, technically, your “CupidWithFriends” profile, which is conveniently designed to look almost identical to that other, more famous Cupid-oriented dating site, right down to the font. But weird, subtle copyright infringement isn’t the point here. The point, actually, is that your friends are likely monsters. Monsters who never, ever want you to find love.

At least, that seems to be the takeaway from the Observer‘s exploration of this shaky new online dating venture, the crux of which is that users create and edit their friends’ profiles, rather than their own. Rather than “doing a nice thing for a person you ostensibly care about,” most people seem to be using the site to make a lot of masturbation jokes about their friends. Like the shitty, internet dating equivalent of what happens when you leave your Facebook logged in on someone else’s computer. Terrible.

On the plus side, the site — which connects to users’ Facebook accounts — does display the name and profile picture of the people who write this stuff on your profile, so if your friends are having a total field day at your expensive, you’ll at least know who’s doing it.

So, maybe not “the bestest dating site on Earth,” as the CupidWithFriends people claim, or even a remotely productive addition to the dating scene, but definitely a productive new venue for masturbation jokes of every possible kind. Just what the internet needs.

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