Please Don’t Come To Brooklyn, Soho House

03/01/2013 2:11 PM |


So, there’s not that much to be said about this. Trendy bar-slash-club-slash-hotel Soho House is maybe thinking of opening up a branch in also-trendy Brooklyn, according to a post on Out’s website.

“Keep an eye out for a new Brooklyn club,” said an email to Out from a source at SOHO House Group. Which, great! Just what we all wanted, and why we moved to Brooklyn. A new club, modeled after a Meatpacking District hot spot, complete with expensive membership fees and “plenty of credible celebrity sightings.” That is the reason you moved to Brooklyn, right? That, and to re-create the environment in which Brooklyn Magazine editor Kristin Iversen once “accidentally” set her own hair on fire?

Well, regardless, there are two big questions lingering here. The first, of course, is if this plan can be stopped — that would be ideal — but also, if not, where do they plan to set up shop? In Williamsburg, which already has a similar venue in the Wythe Hotel, or maybe in Fort Greene, nearer to the Barclays Center? Both would make sense — much like any incarnation of Soho House, both areas tend to draw people who live, work, and identify with Manhattan, but are occasionally willing to make a trip across the water if it’s really worth it. Worth it if say, slightly altered version of their favorite bar-slash-club-slash-hotel has opened up. Sounds like a solid Brooklyn institution waiting to happen.

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