SPONSORED VIDEO: Unite All Originals With Adidas

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03/19/2013 5:38 PM |


You’re an original. There’s no one else in this city quite like you. And you know better than anyone that there’s no sound in the world that’s quite like the song of your city. It’s the noises that some people take for granted that are the soundtrack to your life; it’s the sound of doors slamming and tires squealing. It’s the swish of a basketball as it drops through a hoop, and the cheering of the crowd when you sink a three-point shot. It’s the whoosh of trains rushing along the tracks, and the tinny ringing of the silver bell on your bike.

You deserve a shoe that’s as unique as you are and the city that you live in. Adidas has shoes that will get you through the day from start to finish, no matter how you spend your time. Whether you’re up at the crack of dawn or chasing the sunrise, Adidas has a shoe that’s as original as you are. Check out the video above to hear the sounds of the city, remixed like you’ve never heard them before. Want more? Visit www.adidas.com/orginals, step inside, and see the collection.

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This video was sponsored by Adidas.