The 10 Most Cringe-Inducing Moments of Girls Season 2

03/18/2013 2:35 PM |


Allison Williams Tries to Cry On Camera

Oh, wow. I just think Marnie is the worst, so I’m pretty biased against her. And so I was kind of delighted in the schadenfreude of seeing her in that awful plastic dress at Booth Jonathan’s awful party. Plus, discovering that you have a whole different conception of what kind of relationship you’re in than the other person in the relationship does must be terrible. That said, the way Allison Williams cries took me completely out of the scene and the delight that I was feeling because she is a really bad on-screen crier. Distractingly bad. It was awful. It even distracted me from Jorma Taccone’s terrible crying. Not good.

One Comment

  • What? You mean the sequence of Adam running shirtless across town to rescue Hannah in the last episode didn’t make this list?