The Do’s and Don’ts Of Dating With Tinder

03/29/2013 11:32 AM |

  • “A/S/L?”

Recently, we brought you a bunch of helpful, vehement advice about making your OKCupid profile the best it can be. Well, as of now, OKCupid is dead. Sorry! We’re living in the future, and that future is all about Tinder.

For the uninitiated, Tinder is essentially a well-executed rip-off of Grindr, but geared toward a wider audience, letting you scroll through the Facebook photos of single people with a few miles of you. If you both “like” each other, it puts you in touch, if not, you can just keep shopping for people faster and faster and faster until your fingers are raw from the effort. It’s actually pretty fun! So, if you didn’t find love (or sex) last time around, we still have you covered. Here’s how to game the system in your favor.