Today’s 17 Best Tweets From Racist FDNY Commissioner’s Son

03/18/2013 1:05 PM |

Joseph Cassano Twitter fire commissioners son

Joseph Cassano, an EMT and the son of city Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, got in trouble today after the Post reported he’d been posting racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, anti-EMS and anti-NYPD tweets to his 28 Twitter followers. I went to visit his public account minutes before it was suspended, and thus was able to take all of these screenshots of tweets he posted just before and after noon today, in which he’s sorry, scared, physically threatened, flipped off by his mailman, and racist again.

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  • This isn’t joe cassano’s twitter, this was created today and only has 60 tweets. His actual account has over 1000 tweets and was deactivated… This is a fake

  • It was reported for spam and deactivated by Twitter haha check ya sources bud

  • For the record, your headline should read “FDNY Commisioner’s racist son.” I don’t think anyone is accusing the commissioner of racism. Words, and the order in which they are placed, matters.