5 Places to Visit, 5 Items to Buy at This Year’s Record Store Day

04/19/2013 11:12 AM |


So, after a week filled with just no joke awful shit, in which filing taxes counted as a pretty delightful romp, comparatively, we are all in need of some pure weekend holiday joy. Luckily, Record Store Day, our favorite made-up music nerd holiday cum cry for help from an industry that keeps on taking beatings, is tomorrow! Yeah! Let’s just go out in to the sunshine and buy some records. And then go home and celebrate some other, more illicit but totally complementary made-up holiday in our houses? That sounds kind of perfect.

Below, check out a few places to go and a few things to search for when you are there. (Those not willing to take our suggestions can find a complete list of RSD exclusives here, and a more thorough list of participating local shops here).