8 Bands You Need to Hear: Best of the Rest

04/11/2013 1:00 PM |

It’s become common acceptance that New York City is overrun by bands. Bands are everywhere. So many bands. A lot of them are really awful, let’s not kid ourselves here. But there’s a solid army of them keeping this place afloat as one of the creative centers of the universe&#8212and that takes more than just eight bands. With that we’d like to tip our hat to a few honorable mentions wholly deserving of your attention.



For a band so obviously informed by rootsy 60s guitar rock (Neil Young lite?), Icewater’s most potent weapon stretches surprisingly skyward. Ever-reaching vocals, scrubbed clean of grit and and the weariness of age, unfurl across rolling Fleet Fox melodies to turn songs into gentle anthems. They’re currently recording a full-length; we suspect listening to it will make you look out windows and think about important things.

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