Are You A Brooklyn Hipster? The Catholic Church Wants You

04/23/2013 4:13 PM |

Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus Christ.

Oh, man. If there’s anything I trust less than pretty much all modes of organized religion, it’s organized religion that tries to pull off any kind of “hipster” re-branding. Ugggh. It would be impossible to write about it any kind of way that’s even a little bit measured, if these posters of hipster Jesus in Converse weren’t also just kind of insane and funny to think about for 30-60 seconds of your day.

So, briefly: Animal New York reported last week that the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn has hipped to what the aggressive Evangelical community has known for years, which is that cool young people occasionally go to church, too, and that Brooklyn is full of cool young people.

Ipso facto, they’ve started running posters all over Brooklyn and Queens calling Jesus “The Original Hipster.” Which doesn’t make a ton of sense (unless transubstantiation can be read as some sort of foodie thing? heyooo!), but I guess this isn’t so bad. The Catholic church has resorted to worse recruiting tactics before, after all. And also, they could have put Jesus in a fedora.

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