At Sakura Matsuri: Photos of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Cherry Blossom Festival

04/29/2013 10:00 AM |

This past weekend, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden capped off its month-long, Japanese-inspired celebration of the cherry blossom tree (“Hanami”) with a two-day festival called Sakura Matsuri. The BBG organized an abundance of events, including concerts featuring Taiko drums, tea ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations, and an origami workshop. But the main draw, as always, were the cherry blossom trees. And while the BBG always hopes that the blossoms will peak during Sakura Matsuri, well, you can’t always control nature. Last year’s warm spring meant that the trees had lost their lurid pink glory and were already green by the time the festival came around. But this year? This year’s cold, never-ending winter meant that all the botanical stars aligned and that everyone who went to the garden on what turned out to be the nicest weekend of the year so far was treated to a riotous orgy of spectacular colors and arboreal splendor. And if you didn’t make it out to Sakura Matsuri? Well, we’ve got the pictures to show you what you missed.