Sponsored Post: Still Time to Win a Pair of Sunglasses from Lookmatic

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04/04/2013 10:18 AM |

Be a summer fashion icon. Via Lookmatic on Facebook.

Be a summer fashion icon. Via Lookmatic on Facebook.

This post is sponsored by Lookmatic.

Lookmatic provides great looking eyewear fully loaded with your prescription lenses for only $95.

Hello everybody, and welcome to spring! Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, which means 1) something about astronomy, and 2) that it’s now officially acceptable to wear sunglasses outside. This, of course, is ridiculous, as the sun gets in your eyes all year round, but hey, why not take this opportunity to celebrate and pick up a pair of shades from our friends at Lookmatic?

Unless you’re a Blues Brother, it’s still not cool to wear sunglasses at night. But as the weather warms up and Brooklyn turns into a freefest of summertime debauchery, you’re probably going to find yourself spending a lot of your days outside. It’s important to keep your style in check when you’re squinting at the sun, and and a good pair of shades is the perfect complement to that tank top-and-summer-hat thing you’ve been thinking about all winter.

But we don’t have to tell you that you need a new pair of sunglasses — you already know that. It’s where to get them that’s the problem. A pair of polarized designer shades can put you back up to $200, and you run the risk of losing them in the summer shuffle. On the other end of the sunglass scale, you can find those brightly colored plastic wayfarers for free pretty much anywhere, but they tend to have the effect of making you look like you’ve spent hours getting sunburned at a Dave Matthews concert. Lucky for you and me and everyone else, there’s a middleground.

Lookmatic, our favorite online boutique,  is rolling out their shades for the spring, and they’ve got a ton of options to take you far beyond your wildest dreams. In addition to having variations on classic wayfarers and aviators, they also have dozens of other styles that you can sort by color, size, and frame material. Clear frames like the Ricky  and deep blues like the  Bel Air  are expected to be popular this spring, but not so popular that you won’t still stand out in a sea of standard looks.

Any of Lookmatic’s available $95 Rx frames can be tinted at no extra cost. If your vision doesn’t need any improving (and we think you’re perfect just the way you are), you can get a pair of non-Rx shades for $65. Oh yeah, and shipping is free.

Of course, there’s a secret third option: you could win ‘em for free right here. Lookmatic is raffling off two pairs of sunglasses for the days when the sun breaks through those April showers. To join the contest, check out the form below, and get ready for a bright, bright future.