You Should Really Watch Deerhunter’s Rad New Song from Fallon Last Night

04/03/2013 9:04 AM |

Ladies and Gentleman, the Fabulous Connie Lungpin...

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Connie Lungpin…

Last night on Late Night, in a shocking turn of events, one of the best rock bands we’ve got premiered a new noise-pop song from their upcoming album in the form of a loud, snarled live performance as opposed to a widely disseminated, embeddable widget. (Well, they streamed it on YouTube too later…) Deerhunter, whose sixth record Monomania is released the first week of May, debuted a new line up, new blouses, and apparently a new rock n’ roll alter ego for frontman Bradford Cox. The picture of “Connie Lungfish” at the right was Tweeted from backstage by the head of the hype hydra, himself.

I interviewed Cox once, right around the release of his first solo Atlas Sound record. As he is an extremely intelligent, extremely talkative guy, I feel like we covered a good chunk of rock history. Asked about the distinct personas of different Bowie eras, he made a really good, under-made point that they had been brought on by personal changes in band, geography, and producer just as much as they were a product of divine theatrical impulse. But he’d never do that. To quote: “I totally respect that, but it’s not where I feel comfortable. I would feel really pretentious trying to do a Bowie thing. And I don’t think it’s very necessary.” Cox has been playing with his image for a long while, now, but this is his first dive into a distinctly named stage persona. Ch-ch-changes.

Watch Lungpin sing “Monomania” with Deerhunter below:

The chanting! The world-weary walk off to the elevator! The “Joey Ramone had a sister?” style! The sinister backstory suggested by the mangled fingers! That weird bro on the side playing a Walkman! Sold. So Sold.

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  • the only problem with “connie” is that he looks way too much like that faris dope from the horrors. maybe brad should invest in a new wig?

  • Woah, had seen this already but did not catch the walk to the elevator! I like him a lot. For trash-talking Morrissey for one but his music is great and he has the chops to back up whatever avatar he uses.