GoogaMooga Welcomes Vegetarians After All

05/15/2013 10:51 AM |

The Great GoogaMooga

In March, when the Great GoogaMooga, the food and music festival in Prospect Park happening this weekend, first announced their lineup of restaurants, they were ones known mostly for their meat dishes and little else. What about us vegetarians?, I asked. You know, not to demand special treatment, but because this is Brooklyn. Vegetarians live here. Why would you not serve food they would buy? Then in May the menus were released and Gothamist ran a piece titled “GoogaMooga Doesn’t Care About Vegetarian People,” noting that the vegetarian options would be mostly pizza, which is boring. (And leaves the vegans out in the lurch!)


But yesterday GoogaMooga sent out an email… about BaconLand, which will feature a flight of fine bacons. But just below that part of the email there was something about vegetarians. “We heard you,” it read. “There’s more to life than bacon[land].” And on the website there’s a list of all the vegetarian and vegan meals that will be available at the festival, which look pretty ok. More than that, though, the veggie-friendly vendors at the festival will have on their booths green signs instead of black, which is a very nice thing to do. Isn’t it nice when someone makes you annoyed and then tries to make good? (Almost makes you forget they’re gonna kick the shit out of that park you love.)

As for vegans, I think there are a few things for you to eat. Let’s try to walk through the possibilities.