John Catsimatidis "Feels Sorry" For People Who Live In Brooklyn

05/13/2013 2:52 PM |

The face of benevolent pity.

  • The face of benevolent pity.

Good, good. We’ve officially gotten to the point in the mayoral race where years-old comments are being dredged up and used against people, sometimes wildly out of context, sometimes not. This is when things heat up!


So, one more reason to not take at all seriously a candidate you probably were not taking at all seriously to begin with: the Post reports that back in 1989, Republican candidate (and grocery store billionaire) John Catsimatidis told Crain’s New York Business, “There are two New Yorks—Manhattan and everything else. I’m a Manhattanite. I feel sorry for those people who aren’t.”

Well then. Should we care about this? Should we not care? Obviously Catsimatidis’ opponents are using this as a reflection of his “Manhattan elitism,” and it actually sort of bears out: the same Crain’s article points out that his grocery store locations were all in either Manhattan or the suburbs, ignoring Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. And, helpfully, Marty Markowitz has chimed in, “What John said about Manhahttan is something I’d say about Brooklyn.”

For his part, Catsimatidis isn’t having it: “Instead of writing about a 24-year-old out-of-context quote which refers to my supermarkets, . . . The Post should be writing about Joe Lhota and his poorly worded [mall cop] attack on the Port Authority Police he made last week.” Which is a fair enough point, I suppose, but then, we’ve got a while left until November. Isn’t there time enough here for everyone’s embarrassing verbal gaffes?

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  • Catsinatidis continues to be haunted by his past which include him being ordered to pay $7M in reparations to employees in a class action suit where they sued Cats for bad working conditions, bad pay, no promotions, etc.. If that wasn’t enough he has been fined over and over again for foisting tainted meat and fish at his Gristedes markets and yes, he also monkeyed around with the fruits and vegetables spraying them to camouflage how old they were. Makes you wonder how much you might trust him as mayor.