Martin Amis Hates Brooklyn! What Are We Gonna Do?

05/06/2013 10:48 AM |


  • Martin Lawrence/Daily Mail/Rex Features

So, I’m of two minds about this. One is that as a crotchety elder statesmen, this is the kind of stuff we love and expect from Martin Amis, and anyway, a short Evening Standard article citing a single anonymous source is… not exactly concrete proof of anything. But then again, geez!


Per the Standard‘s short article, “He finds it terribly transactional and, ironically given he was viewed as a literary hipster, he views the Brooklyn hipster scene as populated by conventional posers. He doesn’t go out as much as he did and has developed a reputation as a curmudgeon.”

Which, fine, insofar as I fully support “poser” making a deserved comeback as a go-to burn, and his “reputation as a curmudgeon” isn’t exactly new. But also, according to this article, Amis recently snapped at someone, “I am not upper-class. I am a bohemian.” This is not a sentence that should ever be uttered by a human, under any circumstances.You’d think after we let him win—and make no mistake, we let him win—our fictional lit battle “Game of Tomes,” Amis would be a little more appreciative of his adoptive home, a little more humble about the accolades bestowed upon him. That is, if he actually said any of this, at all.

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