Should The Islanders Get a Hipster Makeover Before Moving To Brooklyn?

05/01/2013 10:58 AM |

As the lone L Magazine staffer who doesn’t really understand or care about hockey, things can get a little lonely when talk turns to the Islanders. Like, “Oh, yeah, remember how nobody liked them, because hockey’s a Canadian sport, and the stadium they play in sucks? Or is just sort of out of the way? Lol?” I have no fucking idea. But now. Now! Something is going on with this team that I find noteworthy.

Namely, a potential “rebranding” in the lead-up to their Brooklyn move, according to the New York Post. Most likely in the form of new uniforms. If this happens at all (the Barclays Center is currently holding focus groups to determine whether or not this is actually a good idea), the uniforms would likely match up with the new Nets uniforms. Why? Per Barclays CEO Brett Yormark, “The colors black and white are the new badge of honor in Brooklyn. The question is, can we weave that into the [Islanders] color scheme, and create a connection to the fans here in Brooklyn.”

Silly, but you know, pretty expected. But, as Brokelyn points out, the Post has other plans for the team. Namely, a “hipster heaven” makeover! In which, say, blue is swapped out for purple, helmets are swapped out for fedoras, and scarves (maybe a choking hazard? meh) are tossed into the mix. This is a stellar idea. I mean, what says ‘I’ve moved to Brooklyn’ more than the jaunty tossing on of a dyed fedora? Oh, everything? Well, come on now, let’s keep open minds on this. The Islanders should do whatever makes them feel at home here. And, more importantly, we should all be taking prescriptive advice from the Post at all times.

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